having an artist in the class room

we had an artist come in to are class last week her name is anne and she helped my hole class make massk’s out of cordbord it was really fun but the only thing that was hard was the fetures. The eye brows and the lips where easy but the nose and my hat was hard but if i had the chance to do it all over agen i would in a hart beet . my person is a farmer and he dident have a home he was looking for a home and he had a wife and two kids. i wish that we could do more of this stoff in class.

my favriot stuff i like to do

i like to play the gutair and i like to skatbored but my favirot thing to do is paint  i know a lot of boys hate it but i rlike doing it takes your mind off of all the stuff that stresses you skat bordeing its fun but i get hert to muchs and the gutiur itsfun to play but i dont know how my mom whants me to take gutiar lessons and i whant to but it costs to muchs and we dont have that much money.

about my family

my name is bryse and i have a brother thats name is timm and my moms name is cristien and my dads name is davied my grand father died 15 days befor cristmas and my grand mas name is bonny she is old and liveing by her self my brother is really mean he plays foot ball and hocky and soccer i play foot ball and soccer and baceball i also do cedets


Food is good but not all family’s can aford it some family’s have to live with out any food they have to go around steeling food asking people for money so they can have one little thing to eat but if we save money and give donations we can help people get food and clothes food is good but kids say they hate what they get so then they wast the food and they should think about the people that dont have any food.

i think that the game is about a person that gets bulled on the computer and is feeling bad about it and he is blaming a person but he dos not know for shure  this reminds me of my slef because i got bulled on the computer to.

10 places i whant to go

Mexico. I  to go to Mexico because it is really nice there because it is really warm there.

Madagascar. I want to go to Madagascar because a funny moive was made there.

Australia.I would like to go to Australia because it sounds nice there.

Asia. I want to go to Asia because my friends moved there and I want to go see them.

India. I want to go to India because my friend was there and he said it was awesome  there.

China. I want to go to China because I like sushi.

Iceland. I would like to go to Iceland because it is my favourite two words are  ice and land.

New Zealand. I would like to go to new Zealand because it has new in it and it is the farthist from canada .

Taiwan. i realy whant to go to tawan because it is the smallist .

Brizil. i whant to go to brizil because it is close to canada


my home town

I live in walsingham and I have lived there for 4 years and I love it there is not much to do there but it is where I whant to live for the rest of my life I have moved 8 times and I do not whant to move any more because I have found a house that I rilly like and it is in the country because that is who I am I am a contry boy

Bugs Bunny With The Stupid Hunter

i like bugs bunny because he is funny and he never gets killed and he mackes fun of the people that try to do stuff to him i think he is the best cartoon in the world he is also one of the oldest cartoons i like bugs bunny the most because he mackes stupid costumes and the people dont even know its him