10 places i whant to go

Mexico. I  to go to Mexico because it is really nice there because it is really warm there.

Madagascar. I want to go to Madagascar because a funny moive was made there.

Australia.I would like to go to Australia because it sounds nice there.

Asia. I want to go to Asia because my friends moved there and I want to go see them.

India. I want to go to India because my friend was there and he said it was awesome  there.

China. I want to go to China because I like sushi.

Iceland. I would like to go to Iceland because it is my favourite two words are  ice and land.

New Zealand. I would like to go to new Zealand because it has new in it and it is the farthist from canada .

Taiwan. i realy whant to go to tawan because it is the smallist .

Brizil. i whant to go to brizil because it is close to canada


10 thoughts on “10 places i whant to go

  1. Mexico sounds like fun if you go to the right place at least. It is really warm there too. I would go to Iceland to. Iceland seems like fun even though it’s really cold. China to because sushi sounds good to me.

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  3. Hi Bryse,

    I like your post on the 10 places that you want to visit. I like the organization of the post as it is easy to read the place and then your reason for wanting to go there. Could you please spell check your posts before you publish them. It is an easy step you just need to click on the small box with a checkmark under ABC when you are finished writing a post.

    Please go back and spellcheck your posts and continue to do so with all of your posts.

    Miss H.

  4. Hi i am Jose Manuel

    i also will like to go to new zeland because i like a lot rugby and i am very good and my favorite team are the all blacks

    i will want to know where you live? it is fun? there are good places to visit
    because i am searching for fun places to visit

  5. Hello Bryse! I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am currently enrolled in Dr’ Strange’s EDM310 class. All of your places you want to go to, I have never visited. I have also thought of visiting Australia. I would love to see how awesome it is. I had a friend that lived there for three years. I also think it is great that you want to visit places your friends have been. China I think would be interesting to visit as well. I actually just tried Sushi for my first time this afternoon. Do you like the Tiger Roll? I think all of those places would be interesting. I hope that you one day get to visit them all. Thank you for sharing your post with me.

  6. Hey Bryse, The Places you want to go to are awesome. It would be awesome to go to place like that. My favorite places out of all of them would be to go to Australia. Maybe you will be able to go to those someday. Well the ten places you want to go to are pretty awesome and maybe you will check out my blog again http://2017dmm.edublogs.org/.

  7. India is really cool place! I know because I’m from there.It’s really hot and sunny there. I hope you get a chance to go there!

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